About Us

The Health Improvement Commission LBG is a charity with a mission to empower, enable and encourage healthy living in Guernsey and Alderney.

Our vision is for our islands to be places that support us all to lead a healthier life.

Our work focuses on four main areas; Be Active, Eat Well, Healthier Weight and Substance Use. We are also proud partners in the Bailiwick Social Prescribing scheme. 

We deliver initiatives, fund community-led projects and services, develop and implement campaigns, develop resources and provide education, advocate for health, support workforce development and training and advise on policy.

Our Approach


Our behaviour is shaped by a network of influences from individual factors, our families, the places we live, learn and work, to local and national policy. To enable and empower healthy living in our Islands, we need to support, influence and advocate for change at all of these levels.


We like behavioural science and take an evidence-informed approach, translating knowledge into action. Blending evidence with local insight helps us decide what to advocate for, which interventions to implement and how to design and monitor them.


Our islands are rich in community assets, skills and experience to support healthy places and people and we can create change if we work together. We bring together stakeholders in the community, government, and the third and private sectors to co-develop initiatives and services with those who will use and benefit from them.


We’re in this for the long term. Some changes will be small, some will be more wide-reaching, but all need to be sustained to really impact our health.


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Team photography by Paul Chambers

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The Health Improvement Commission for Guernsey and Alderney LBG (“The Commission”) is a company limited by guarantee. The company was incorporated and registered in Guernsey on 8th October 2018 (No.  65592) and was registered as a Charity on 15th October 2018 (No. CH601).

Our Board of Directors is chaired by Mike Bane and is responsible for the Commission’s strategic direction, finances, and governance. The Board is accountable to our Patrons who in turn report to a representative of the States of Guernsey on our actions, achievements and future objectives.

To facilitate close partnership with the States of Guernsey and the broader public health sector, in addition to our Directors, Board meetings are attended by the Director of Public Health.

We receive funding from the States of Guernsey under Service Level Agreements and raise funds from other charitable and private sector sources to deliver health improvement initiatives in the Bailiwick. We will seek and accept partnership, sponsorship and donations only from those partners or sponsors that we deem to be consistent with our vision, mission and purpose.


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