We are working with local healthcare professionals to help them integrate physical activity into routine clinical care. This initiative aligns with the following action in Objective 3 of the Active-8: A Plan for Sport: ‘Implement a programme of training, messaging and awareness opportunities for health and care professionals’. 

Physical activity can help in the prevention and treatment of a range of long-term health conditions including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, dementia, falls, anxiety and depression. Moving more offers patients an additional way to help manage their health. It is often said that if physical activity were a pill, it would be the most prescribed medication!

Healthcare professionals are well positioned to seize this opportunity. Research shows that 1 in 4 people would be more active if advised by a GP or nurse. They have frequent contact with people who have low levels of activity, who have the most to gain from moving more. However, it is estimated that three quarters of GPs don’t speak to their patients about the benefits of physical activity, because of a lack of knowledge, skills, or confidence.  

Our work aims to help local healthcare professionals to understand local levels of physical activity, opportunities to promote movement and support them to build their knowledge and confidence to integrate physical activity into their consultations with patients.  We are looking to help support local GP surgeries to become RCGP Active Practices and offer them Physical Activity Clinical Champion Training to help build on their knowledge and confidence around physical activity.

Please see our resource pack at the bottom on this page which can help support healthcare professionals integrate physical activity into their consultations with patients and signpost to online and local resources. 

Moving Medicine is one such resource that helps healthcare professionals integrate physical activity conversations into routine clinical care. 

If you or your healthcare setting is interested in finding out more, please email Sam Green using the details below.  



Key Contact

Sam Green Team - Adult Physical Activity Officer