Creating the conditions for healthy eating in the Bailiwick

What we eat and drink has a great effect on our physical and mental health. It is a major part of our culture, our daily routines and our family, social and work lives.

However, our environment and culture often bombard us with cues to consume easily available, high energy, nutritionally poor food. In this nutrition landscape, it is very hard to make healthy choices, even if we intend to and know how. Collective action is needed from government, communities, businesses and individuals to make everyday healthy eating normal and easy. Our Eat Well workstream aims to take a lead on this action.

Our work currently focuses on supporting early years, schools, youth settings, the commercial sector and workplaces.

Check out some of our Eat Well initiatives below!

Alex Kosmas

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Alex Kosmas

Team - Community Nutritionist - Eat Well Lead
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Tanya Dorrity

Tanya Dorrity

Team - Eat Well Specialist
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