More people, more active, more often

From walking the dog, cycling or scooting to school, active play, sports, or gardening, all types of regular physical activity improve long-lasting physical and mental health. Yet local surveys show that many children, young people and adults in the Bailiwick do not meet recommendations for physical activity.

Our activity levels are shaped by where we live, work and study, our transport infrastructure and our cultural values, as well as our age, gender, disability and socioeconomic position.

The Be Active workstream aims to get more of us more active more often by creating positive community initiatives and advocating for the development of environments which encourage and enable everyday physical activity. Our work currently focuses on children and young people and encouraging everyday walking and cycling through active travel.

Alex Costen

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Alex Costen

Team - Active Travel Officer
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Alun Williams

Alun Williams

Team - Be Active Education Lead
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