Regular population surveillance of physical activity and sedentary behaviour will help to guide local evidence-based policy and practice. Our team have extensive experience in physical activity research. 

As part of a global initiative, we led the production of the Bailiwick’s first Active Healthy Kids Report Card in 2018. The Report Card comprises a set of nine different indicators which provides a snapshot of activity levels amongst our young people, but  an overview of the key policies and practices that help or hinder physical activity. We are now supporting a range of projects to enhance physical activity levels amongst local children and young people based on the Report Card’s findings, including improving data and surveillance.

In 2019 we were involved in a focus group study examining the impact that menstruation has on the physical activity levels of adolescent girls. This research has informed the design of a peer-based physical activity intervention involving over 1500 adolescent girls, co-led by our Chief Exec, in England. 

In partnership with the University of Bristol, we have conducted a study of physical activity levels using activity monitors in over 300 Primary School age children. You can download the results below. 

Key Contact

Alun Williams Team - Be Active Education Lead