Regular population surveillance of physical activity and sedentary behaviour will help to guide local evidence-based policy and practice. Our team have extensive experience in physical activity research. 

A working group made up of local experts in health have published the 2022 'Active Healthy Kids Report Card' which reports on the levels of physical activity within the Bailiwick's children and young people. The Report Card is Guernsey’s contribution to the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance which comprises 57 countries who have committed to producing Physical Activity Report Cards to form the 2022 Global Matrix. This is the second report card following the publication of the 2018 report card The Guernsey Report Card was produced by a multi-sectoral working panel of ten people with diverse expertise in the activity levels of young people in Guernsey, including Education, Public Health, Health Improvement, Sports and Leisure sectors and Research Policy & Strategy. The seven indicator were submitted. The grades were independently verified and audited by experts from the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance. The indicators are: Overall Physical Activity; Organized Sport Participation; Active Travel; Sedentary Behaviours; Family and peers; School; Government. You can see how Guernsey compares with other jurisdictions here - Guernsey comes 12th in world of childhood physical activity.

We have conducted a study of physical activity levels using activity monitors in over 300 Primary School age children. You can download the results below.

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Alun Williams Team - Be Active Education Lead