'Taking a whole-school approach’

Every child has the right to the best possible health including the provision of nutritious food so that they will stay healthy (UN Convention on The Rights of the Child). Children and young people develop their eating habits through their school years and spend a large amount of time in school, so optimising a school’s approach to food is crucial for pupils' health and well-being. 

We are supporting local schools to take a ‘whole school approach’ to healthy eating. This aims to ensure that their leadership, culture and ethos, food policy, food provision, and the curriculum all make it easy to eat well at school.

We have led on the redraft of the Food in Guernsey Schools Policy Directive and continue to support its implementation. We have also set up School Nutrition Action Groups to give pupils, parents and teachers a voice and own their healthy school food culture.

For advice on how your school can join our movement get in touch.


Key Contact

Alex Kosmas Team - Community Nutritionist - Eat Well Lead