The aim of this project is to better understand our local food system and how it shapes our opportunity to access nutritious, affordable food. We also want to find ways that our food system can make it easier for all Islanders to eat well. 

The goals of the project are to: 

1. Create a comprehensive food systems map for Guernsey and raise awareness of its role in shaping what we eat and our health.

2. Identify ways that the food system could be changed to make it easier to eat well. 

3. Engage people, organisations and groups who play a role in our food system and stimulate collaborations needed to change it. 

4. Enhance our existing "Eat Well" actions and identify new opportunities. The project will also inform the rewrite of the States Healthier Weight Strategy in 2026 and inform Public Health policy priorities.

The first step to the project involved carrying out focus groups with members of the public to find out their experiences of what makes it easy and difficult to eat healthily in Guernsey, as well as their ideas for change. You can find an overview of the results in the Resources section below. 

In March 2023 we held a day-long food system mapping workshop with over 30 stakeholders representing retail, hospitality, catering, agriculture, health, government, and the third sector. The event was facilitated by members of The University of Cambridge Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR). We are now working with CEDAR to develop a food system map, before identifying potential ways to change it to make eating well easier for all.  Read more about the mapping event here or watch our short Mapping Event Reel


Key Contacts

Alex Kosmas Team - Community Nutritionist - Eat Well Lead
Cat Tyrrell Team - Eat Well Project Support Officer
Ellie Gould Team - Healthier Weight Lead & Dietitian