Count 14 is a campaign which aims to encourage people to consider their alcohol consumption and raise the public’s awareness of the low risk drinking guidelines of 14 units per week. 

Count 14 was developed by NHS Scotland and includes a range of tools, including a drinks calculator, to help people understand what 14 units looks like in alcohol servings. Visit the Count 14 website using the link below.

Kicking off on September 14th the campaign will include:

Results of our survey which investigated local knowledge of the current guidelines.

Public Engagement activities in Guernsey's Market Square.

Distribution of free unit calculators, measuring cups, posters, mirror stickers.

Local "influencers" will take part in the Count 14 challenge by reflecting on their drinking for two weeks using the unit calculators and measuring cups and by recording short vlogs to share how they are getting on.

Collaborating with local sporting people and teams to push the message further afield to support the campaign.

Watch this space for campaign updates!

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Key Contact

Andrea Nightingale Team - Substance Use Lead