Free cups and unit calculators will help us Count 14

Islanders can now pick up a free alcohol unit calculator and measuring cup from any local GP surgery to help them “Count 14”, as part of the Health Improvement Commission’s campaign to raise awareness of the low risk weekly alcohol guidelines. 

A recent local online survey showed that 91% of respondents knew there were guidelines but that 86% didn’t know what they were. A quarter of adults reported consuming more than 14 units in the last week, according to the 2018 Guernsey and Alderney Wellbeing Survey. 

To keep health risks from alcohol low the UK guidelines are that both men and women should not drink more than 14 units a week on a regular basis and to spread the units out evenly over three or more days. 

The calculators show the number of units in a serving across a range of drinks including beers, wine, spirits, as well as the number of servings there are in 14 units.

“We are very happy to support this campaign. We think this is a great resource for assisting our patients in measuring and calculating how many units of alcohol they are drinking, as alcohol consumption is an important factor in the health of our patients”

Clare Arnold, responsible for the Population Health Management Team at the Queens Road Medical Practice

Over 1,000 cups and calculators have been distributed to the surgeries. As well as informing people about the 14 unit per week guidance, it is crucial that we provide people with the tools to help them understand what 14 units a week looks like for them. Home measures can be significantly larger than pub measures, so the cups can sometimes be quite surprising!

Local data show that our doctors are the most trusted source of health information on Island, so we are delighted to have support from all of the GP practices and surgeries who have the calculators and cups in their reception areas

Andrea Nightingale, The Health Improvement Commission’s Substance Use Lead

Over the coming weeks, the Commission will be making the cups and calculators available in other public places.

Check out the Count 14 page for more information and updates.