The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown brought challenges and opportunities to the Bailiwick.

One positive was that lots of Islanders took advantage of the exercise time and reconnected with our beautiful environment. Walking, cycling and being active became the norm for many.

Our #GetOutThere campaign aims to maintain this momentum.

#GetOutThere messages will be promoted across social media and link with 18 signs around St Peter Port which will show people the distance, time and number of steps it would take to reach destinations in the town centre. Venues include Salerie Corner, Rouge Rue, Footes Lane and Val de Terres. The idea is to inspire people to keep physical activity as part of their daily routines as we create our new normal.

Watch out for our #GetOutThere on social media! Please share and like our posts and inspire others by sharing your experiences using #GetOutThere.

We're very grateful to the Co-op Helping Hands Fund which sponsored the signboards. 

Key Contact

Alun Williams Team - Be Active Education Lead


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