Eating well @School Resources

Remember to follow the States of Guernsey advice for symptoms, which can be found here.

General advice on making lunchboxes that support health can be found on the British Nutrition Foundation page. Also, check out our Lunch boxes & our core messages page.

Under 5's

During their early years, children start to develop their relationship with food and are very much at the learning phase of their palates. At this age role modelling healthy eating has a big effect on what they eat. Below are some resources for these age groups:

You can find our Lunchbox Lowdown leaflet for under 5's here

Here you will able to find our Building Healthy Relationships with Food resources if you need ideas to expanding their diet.

Primary School

At Primary School age children are still developing their preferences and can carry on having fun with food. They are able to do much more in the kitchen such as chopping, mixing and grating but also are able to help you with shopping, growing veg and fruit and take part in activities about food.

Once again our Building Healthy Relationships with Food resources can be applied to this age group. Also, our I Can Eat A Rainbow print out may be a good way to encourage more veg and fruit into their diet.

Veg Power’s Making Veg Fun provides other activity ideas for your children.

For Primary School aged children Change 4 Life provide many lunch box ideas.

Secondary School

Secondary students have access to food at school and where we can, we are linking with caterers and schools to help ensure students and staff have access to healthy options.

If you are not sure about what to provide your teenager, have an open discussion with them about what they would like. At this age much of what they eat is down to social cues such as what their friends eat, marketing and prices of foods. It is critical to support them into becoming independent, thus, as they grow older they will be able to make their own packed lunch. For ideas on lunchboxes check out the below two links:

BBC Good Food Healthy Lunches for teenagers & School Packed Lunch inspiration

Eating well and being active is a main focus to improving our wellbeing. For ideas to include active travel into your child's, yourself or your employees daily routine check out our news piece below.

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