The Dietetics weight management service supports people to feel more confident about managing their weight and health through diet and lifestyle changes. Using a friendly approach which puts individuals at the centre, guidance and advice is tailored by registered and experienced dietitians according to individual’s needs, taking their health profile into consideration. The service is available to adults with a BMI 35+ and will support individuals to:

Plan, implement and review their chosen diet and lifestyle goals

Achieve a realistic health-enhancing weight loss

Identify everyday factors that will affect their weight control and health

Develop knowledge and confidence to manage their weight and health in the long-term 

With financial support from The Commission, the Dietitians are delivering the CounterWeight Plus programme locally, a clinically proven programme for type 2 diabetes remission.

Clients can be referred to the service by their GP or health care professionals. For more information see the Dietitians' website. 

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Key Contact

Ellie Gould Team - Healthier Weight Lead & Dietitian