With the Bailiwick back in lock down, it’s a great opportunity to make the most of the quiet roads. You may choose to use the two hours of recreation time to discover new lanes and parts of Guernsey you don’t know so well.

Guernsey has a huge network of Ruettes Tranquilles, with priority to walkers, cyclists and horse riders and a speed limit of 15 mph. See the Ruettes Tranquilles guide which will help you plan your routes so you can best enjoy your experience and to take you through some of the island’s most scenic areas, which, even at this time of year, have lots of natural beauty to enjoy.

You can also download the guide as an app to your Android phone through Google Play and Apple phone through the App Store.

And if you want to discover more of St Peter Port, have a look at our Walk This Way page. There are 16 Walk This Way signs around St Peter Port which show the distance, time and number of steps taken on short walks. Why not try some of them out at the moment and you may realise how easy they can be built into daily life moving around St Peter Port and St Sampson.

The other way we’d encourage you and your family to keep active during this current lock down, is to get out on your bikes. And with so little traffic on the roads, it’s a perfect chance for parents to take children out to teach them basic road safety skills. 

Some of your children will have learnt or will learn road skills through Bikeability, a cycle training programme available through Guernsey schools. There is a link below with tips for planning a journey, checking equipment, riding together as a family and what to do at a junction.

Check out the Bikeability Parent's Handbook to "give you  the confidence to go cycling with them on roads or cycleways."

For further motivation to get you on your bike check out and sign up to the Love To Ride page. You can win prizes by peddling!

Other resources are available from the Cycling UK and Change4Life pages.

As always tag us in your pics and vids using #GetOutThere

Enjoy and stay safe!