The Health Improvement Commission loves being based at the KGV community centre. Lots of friendly colleagues work here and there’s lots going on. We also really appreciate being located in beautiful natural surroundings. 

Previously we have organised events here for children, especially from Early Years settings, to come along and enjoy engaging with nature by walking and playing in a fun and friendly environment. 

We have really enjoyed hosting activities for young people at KGV. It’s a lovely setting and it seems like everyone has enjoyed the experience. We have recently received a grant from the Nature Commission which has allowed us to enhance the walk around the KGV trail. 

We are hosting four ‘wild Wednesdays’ where we invite childminders and Early Years Settings to come along for a morning of nature activities. We also have three schools sending Key Stage 1 pupils along. 

We want children just to enjoy the environment at KGV but we are also providing some learning materials for Certain subjects: 

Tree/Plant Identification 

· Identify some species of trees and plants on the nature trail. 

· Describe parts of plants that help us identify them. 

· Use a spotter guide or ID card to help to name plants. 

Nature Stories 

· Use natural materials to create a picture on the ground of a character from the story. 

Minibeast Hunt 

· Observe and recognise some simple characteristics of minibeasts and other living things and their habitats. 

Exploring Senses 

· Using natural materials mix up a potion in a cup. 

· Challenge the children to remain still, sitting on a ‘sit spot’ marker. Set a timer to see if they can remain still and quiet and listen to sounds around them. 

· Cloud spotting/Looking at the leaf canopy. 

Colours in Nature 

· Colour matching with pebbles: Each child picks a pebble from the bag. They will search the specific area to find natural items matching their colour. 

· Children to walk slowly under the trees while holding a mirror flat at the end of their nose so they can look straight up into the canopy and feel like they are walking through it. 

· Rainbow Treasure Hunt: Children work as a team to find natural items matching the colours on the table.


Key Contact

Alun Williams Team - Be Active Education Lead