How did we support a family friendly environment at the Island Games?

Be Active

- We established fanzones on each weekday so that primary-age pupils could watch events at venues that are safe and accessible and ensured that children could experience the unique atmosphere of the Island Games. 

- We had a busy schedule throughout the week, ensuring many events were enjoyed by local school pupils. We knew that good role models and opportunities to see being active in general, can help form an interest in this area and are important in the early stages of forming a good relationship with physical activity.

Active Travel

- We worked closely with the Island Games organising team and Traffic and Highways to create some walking signs and posters at key venues such as Beau Sejour, Footes Lane and St Pierre Park Hotel to encourage spectators to walk between venues. The signs and posters show the distance and approximate duration of the journey and have a QR code which when scanned leads to the Island Games website with some brief directions of the route. 

- We posted on social media showing spectators how they can watch various sports on the same day by travelling actively between nearby venues. For example, events between Hougue du Pommier, Port Soif and Portinfer or Footes Lane and the badminton centre. Keep an eye out on our social media! 

- At sporting venues and on various social media channels we showed our new Be Active video which uses local Island Games athletes to promote physical activity and shows a range of local physical activities which islanders can relate to. 

- There was additional bike parking at key venues, such as Footes Lane and Beau Sejour, as well as though town, particularly for the opening ceremony and the last Friday of the Games. Look out for Cycle Parking signs and temporary racks next to existing cycle provision in North Beach and along South Esplanade.