We've launched Ready Set Ride.

We're pleased to announce that we are promoting HSBC UK’s Ready Set Ride program to all local Early Years settings. The project aims to teach children to ride a bike from an early age. Ready Set Ride is a free resource full of games and activities which will help children develop cycling skills and confidence, starting with balance bikes. It is hoped that this will empower children with a love of cycling.

To give the project a major boost, we're delighted to be teaming up with Adventure Cycles to provide two balance bikes (small bikes without pedals or stabilisers) to each setting that signs up to the Ready Set Ride for free. The bikes will ensure that young children have regular access to good quality bikes with an adjustable height seat, rubber tyres and a brake – essential for the delivery of some of the Ready Set Ride activities.

This initiative is part of the Commission’s Be Active workstream which aims to get more people more active more often. It is hoped that positive early exposure to and experiences of cycling in preschool will build a habit which is good for health and the planet!

Early Years settings who would like to deliver Ready Set Ride but are yet to sign up can contact Alun Williams (alun.williams@healthimprovement.gg).

“The children are really enjoying the activities, especially as they get more challenging. They are so excited when they know it is "bike lessons"!!!”

Gill Costello – St Anne’s Primary EYFS Lead