St Anne’s Early Years class make strides with Little Feet

Early Years Practitioners in Alderney have been testing out the Living Streets Little Feet pack for us. The project encourages children aged 2-5 and their parents to walk some or all of their journey to preschool and includes resources and activities which can form part of their curriculum. Each time a pupil walks to their early years setting they earn a sticker from their mascot Strider to put on a walking map. The map gives a route for settings to follow to meet ‘people who help us’ and find ‘mini-beasts’. Since starting the Little Feet pack in early January the St Anne’s preschool are over half way to reaching the first person who helps them; a Radiographer at the hospital. So far, five children who previously travelled to pre-school by car are now using a park and stride option to earn a sticker to add to the map with their friends. We’re hoping that these early positive experiences of walking for all or part of their journey to preschool helps to build a habit which is good for health and the planet!