Showtime In Guernsey

CT Plus, in conjunction with The States of Guernsey Drug and Alcohol Strategy and Traffic and Highways services, is delighted to be able to organise tickets and travel for late night buses from Guernsey’s West Show, North Show and The Vale Earth Fair.

Tickets for the late night buses are priced at £3 and will need to be bought in advance from the Town Terminus Shop. 

The advance tickets are available for three events: The West Show 18/19th August, The North Show 25/26th August and also The Vale Earth Fair 29th August.  

I’m pleased to see that CT Plus and the States of Guernsey are using advance tickets for those planning their late night journey home from Guernsey’s West Show, North Show and Vale Earth Fair.

We know this creates confidence for our members and all those who want to know their place on the bus is arranged and they will be able to get home safely.

Catching a bus with a night late queue can be stressful, particularly for those with hidden disabilities or those using access aids. The advance ticket sales actually lets the bus driver know if there will be a wheelchair user on the bus. With one place for a wheelchair on each bus this also lets the bus company help plan for any other wheelchair users. The aim here is that two wheelchair users won’t be queuing for the same bus.

We hope that all our members, friends and community visiting the shows and Vale Earth Fair this August enjoy their time.

Guernsey Disability Alliance partnership director Karen Blanchford

The tickets and routes will be available from the Town Terminus Shop from Tuesday 28 July. No more than four tickets for each event can be bought by any one individual.

The shop opening hours are from 8am – 6pm Monday to Saturday and from 10am – 4pm Sunday. Tickets must be bought in person.

More information here.