Quieter roads and lanes have helped us to stay active – and we want to see how

It’s been a difficult couple of weeks as the Bailiwick has worked together to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak. Our leaders have shown great understanding of the needs of the community, especially allowing islanders to leave the house for up to two hours of exercise including walking, cycling, running and sea swimming. This was a brave, inspirational decision. It reflects a recognition of the importance of being active for individual and community well-being.

At the same time the reduction in traffic has meant that individuals and families have been able to enjoy much quieter island roads and lanes. This has given us the freedom to walk, cycle and enjoy the outdoors, in many cases, as never before and there is a noticeable increase in people walking and cycling. In the quietest of spots there are even rainbows and messages of support and hope drawn on the roads alongside chalk hopscotch designs.

We know these are exceptional times but we want to capture examples of the Guernsey community enjoying the outdoors.

When restrictions allow, we have plans for a new initiative to create pop up community play spaces, and we will use islanders’ homegrown ideas and stories as part of the project.

Please share this request with family, friends and colleagues so that we can build up a great picture of our newly found safer spaces.

If you have photos or stories of what you have done outdoors please send them to the Be Active Team at the Health Improvement Commission using:

alun.williams@healthimprovement.gg or @healthimprovegg on Facebook and Twitter.

Make sure that you stay safe when taking photos outside

Alun Williams (and wife Liz) enjoying a car-free stroll at the bathing pools; Ellie Gould having some fun with shadows in Bordeaux; Andrea Nightingale out on her bike at the normally busy crossroads outside her home in St Andrews; Simon Sebire and family on a bike ride through the lanes.