Now We Can Meet Up. Keep Them Apart.

As Guernsey is finding its new normal and pubs and clubs will be open for business from Saturday, we urge the local community to think about alternatives to driving home if they are venturing out to enjoy their first night without any restrictions for nearly 3 months.

Data collected during the months of April and May has shown there were 12 individuals charged with drink driving and that is 12 too many.

A Bailiwick Law Enforcement spokesman said:

“Our message remains the same: the safe limit is zero. Get a taxi. Catch the bus. Designate a driver. Walk. Just don’t drink and drive.”

“We know that alcohol sales have risen during the lockdown period and that many people have been spending longer periods at home. The fine weather has also made it easier to drink more than usual and people may think that their tolerance level has risen. However, even small amounts of alcohol will affect a person’s ability to drive; slowing their reactions, affecting vision and reducing concentration and coordination. With normality returning to pubs, bars & clubs this weekend – please remember – it’s not normal to drink and drive – there’s no excuse. It’s a small Island, Don’t drink and drive”.

Andrea Nightingale (Substance Use Lead)

The Commission wants to remind those who will enjoying themselves this weekend to remove all temptation to drive; Plan ahead, don’t take your vehicle, get a lift into town or wherever you are going, book a taxi the day before if you are not keen on queuing at end of the night, get the bus home if you are leaving town early, or have a designated driver in your group and if you want to walk, make sure you have company.

“As Guernsey escapes from lockdown this Sat, 20th June, life goes to the new norm. It’s going to be exciting, even emotional. Bars and Clubs are open...Have a great night. Leave your car at home. Don’t drink and drive!”

Tony Le Marchant the owner of Les Folies D’amour