Health Improvement Commission Launch Wineless Wednesday Campaign

The Substance Use Team at the Health Improvement Commission LBG are launching #WinelessWednesday, a competition to win £30 vouchers throughout July, to put towards a meal at any of the Christies Group Restaurants. To get involved, simply send photos to the Commission via social media, with a short caption, sharing an alcohol-free activity. 

The campaign’s aim is to highlight that people can have great evenings without consuming alcohol, and share the Count14 message, as explained by Substance Use Lead Andrea Nightingale below:

‘We know there are so many ways people can unwind without making alcohol the focus – perhaps going on a walk or going for a swim, catching up with friends or relaxing with some yoga or meditation. We’re keen to see a wide range of pictures and notes about what people are up to. We’re also using this competition to bring awareness to the Count14 message and want to encourage people to stick within the recommended guidelines of 14 units of alcohol a week. Cutting down your number of units per week by having at least one alcohol-free day is a great way to reduce the amount you’re consuming.’

Andrea Nightingale, Substance Use Lead, Health Improvement Commission

The Commission’s Communication’s Officer, Harriet Aldous-Granby, is looking forward to seeing the entries:

‘Keep an eye on social media to like, share and comment with your picture – we’re hoping to see lots of people enjoying their evenings! If you don’t use social media, and would like to take part, please email me at with a photograph and a message about what you’re doing on #WinelessWednesday.’

You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at ‘healthimprovegg’’

Harriet Aldous-Granby, Communications Officer, Health Improvement Commission

The competition will be running for the next four Wednesdays, with the best overall entry winning a £50 voucher to add to their £30. The overall winner will be announced on Friday 29th July.