Healthier Weight Strategy Refresh

The updated States of Guernsey Healthier Weight Strategy is released today. 

This strategy is a critical part of the local prevention agenda in Guernsey and Alderney, and we are pleased that the Committee of Health and Social Care and Public Health continues to support it.  Overweight and obesity, poor nutrition and physical inactivity are risk factors for a range of adverse health conditions. Locally 56% of adults live with overweight or obesity. The yearly Guernsey Childhood Measurement Programme is showing that levels of excess weight amongst Year 1 children are stable, and a trend towards decreasing levels of excess weight amongst Year 5s.  

We’re fully supportive of the strategy’s vision for the Bailiwick of Guernsey to be an environment where healthy eating and regular physical activity are accessible, affordable and normal for all in the community, alongside effective weight management services. We deliver a range of actions to meet the aims of the strategy and were pleased to contribute to its review and refresh alongside Public Health Services. 

It’s well known that there are no simple solutions when it comes to improving nutrition, physical activity and preventing excess weight and that change in these areas will take time and muti-sector effort, collaboration and leadership. We support the strategy’s focus away from narratives on personal responsibility, and that it looks instead to the influential role that our environments and the wider factors play in shaping our health. 

The pillars of the strategy include a range of evidence-based actions which aim to contribute to a whole system approach with a strong focus on prevention of excess weight through the creation of healthier environments as well as improving access to effective weight management services.  Our Eat Well, Be Active and Healthier Weight workstreams are directly related to the pillars of the Strategy and we look forward to progressing our work in 2024. 

Ellie Gould, The Commission’s Healthier Weight Lead & Dietitian, said: 'We know that the wide ranging and complex causes of obesity are influenced by the environments in which we live and work. We want to create conditions in the Bailiwick that make healthier behaviors easier and empower people to make positive changes to their lives that will benefit their health and wellbeing.  It is important too that people are provided with the right support services for them, at the times they need them, to enable them to move towards a healthier weight and improved health.'

For more details and to access the full strategy please see the link below: