The Great Alcohol Debate

For the 3rd consecutive year, we are partnering with local drama company Tin Whistle Productions who will be touring the Secondary schools in the Bailiwick over the next two weeks, exploring and debating the topic of alcohol.

During ‘The Great Alcohol Debate’, guided by the performers, students will engage in an interactive show where they will be faced with different scenarios that demonstrate the risks surrounding alcohol misuse. The aim is to stimulate conversations around societal norms as well as to challenge perceptions of alcohol. 

Students will be actively involved in sharing their views and the production will link with related issues such as sexual health, consent and domestic abuse.

We have been sponsoring this event for several years now and I think it is an excellent way, just before Christmas, to allow students to think about their attitude and behaviour towards alcohol, even if they haven’t started to experiment yet

Andrea Nightingale, Substance Use Lead

Some of it is Guernsey-centric, and it’s about having an understanding of some of the pressures facing young people on the island, how the drinking culture here is, what the reality for our young people is. Them having their own voice means that they take more ownership of the thought process, and hopefully it lodges more in their long-term memory

Oli Davies, Founder of Tin Whistle Productions

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