Future of Tobacco Policy

The Bailiwick has set a short-term goal of reducing smoking rates to below 10% by 2028. Smoke free status would be a smoking rate of less than 5%. Current trends show that new tobacco control policies are needed to meet these targets. We are interested in understanding what islanders think about various policy options that Guernsey could put in place to reduce smoking rates. 

Today we've launched a public survey on our website and across our social media platform's. The survey is open to any Bailiwick resident aged 18 and over and the Commission would like as many Islanders as possible to complete it. 

The survey asks people to indicate their level of support for different possible tobacco control approaches, such as increasing smoke-free spaces or increasing the legal age of buying tobacco products. These are based on policies already in place in other countries or those being considered elsewhere. The policies presented are only potential options, none have been proposed to, planned by, or agreed on by the States. 

Lucy Cave, Tobacco Harm Reduction Officer for the Health Improvement Commission said

“We know that over the last few years smoking rates have plateaued and if we want to reduce them further then bold measures are needed. Engagement with the public is crucial to understand what islanders want and to allow people to play a role in shaping Guernsey’s decisions. We believe that engagement can support better decisions that will benefit the health of the island.” 

Findings from this survey will help inform our work and will be fed back to Public Health to help support evidence-based decision making about future tobacco control policy. The findings will also be reported publicly once collated. 

To complete the survey please click HERE