Food Support during COVID-19

During lockdown we looked to adapt our support and reach out to those most in need. Initial concerns were raised when pressure was put on families and individuals to access healthy food, thus, we wanted to support services that provide essential food support. Due to COVID related restrictions imposed, the Guernsey Welfare Service had a drop in fresh fruit and veg and subsequently their foodbank suffered. Over a period of 14 weeks, we supplemented nearly 1000 Guernsey Welfare Service Food Bank parcels with approximately 8,630 adult portions of fresh vegetables and fruit since March. Phase 5 has seen the foodbank re-open, therefore, we’re looking to extend our support in other forms to ensure people have access to healthy food.

The Welfare Service provided an essential service to support our local community during a very difficult time. Thank you for your service!

For further info about the Welfare Service and ways to support and get involved please click here.

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