Adult Cycle classes inspire confidence

Adults have been gaining skills and confidence in cycling, via a new joint initiative between the States of Guernsey’s Traffic and Highways Services and the Health Improvement Commission, with over 20 people signed up to take part so far. 

The courses are taking place in the early evenings and at weekends at a variety of venues to suit riders' needs. 

The sessions have been improving attendees’ cycling handling skills off road, in a school car park for example, before taking the riders in small groups on increasingly busier roads.

“We are delighted to hear positive feedback about the Adult Cycle Skills Training - a new initiative being carried out by the States of Guernsey Bikeability Officers. The training is tailored to the attendees, making it suitable for complete beginners, people who would like to gain more confidence, or more experienced cyclists who want to improve their skills. Furthermore, the qualified instructors can assist with journey planning, road positioning and navigating junctions.”

Colin Le Page, Manager, Strategy & Policy at Traffic & Highway Services

"This opportunity is supporting even more people to introduce active travel into their everyday lives. Cycling helps both our planet and our wellbeing. Learning to cycle is also an important life skill, which we know not everyone gets a chance at in childhood."

"We’re pleased to have launched this series of courses with our financial backing and with the support of the Bikeability instructors, hope to continue this provision in the future. We are looking forward to seeing more adults gaining confidence to start cycling as a regular means of getting around the island.”

Alex Costen, Active Travel Officer at the Health Improvement Commission

Members of the public have shared their thoughts on the initiative: 

“It was a really was a comprehensive and fun session. I cannot believe how safe I felt and, in turn, the confidence boost that session gave me.” 

“I thought I'd feel a bit silly as an adult having this lesson, but it was just like two mates going for a bike ride!” 

“[the instructor’s] ability to analyse how I was riding and to then talk through a solution was just amazing, and to also be open to going at my levels of comfort while gently pushing me out of my comfort zone.” 

“I honestly cannot recommend this initiative enough and the difference it would make to adult riders hitting the roads again after an extended time.” 

Anyone interested in taking a course can email to sign up.