Commission supports new multisport class for children with additional needs

Children with additional and complex needs in Guernsey will soon be able to access a new way to be active.  'LC Superstars' classes will be launched soon,  in a new partnership between the Commission and Little Champs

LC Superstars will fill a current gap in multisport activities for children with additional and complex needs locally and extend the reach of our work to enhance physical activity opportunities for children in the Early Years stages. 

Financial Support from the Commission means that the LS Superstars classes can be offered to parents at lower cost than would otherwise be possible due to the specialist coach skills needed as well as the hire of a fully accessible venue and the cost of new equipment

A key part of the classes is parent/carer involvement, meaning that many of the activities can be replicated and practiced on at home, to help build physical activity into daily life and keep the children more active more often.  

I am delighted that the Health Improvement Commission has agreed to support Little Champs in launching a new multisport class for children with additional and complex needs. I am so passionate about sport for all, and for the rights of all children to have equal access to activities regardless of their ability or disability. These new classes will fill an identified gap in the provision of sports classes for this demographic, and will use a multisport approach to develop fundamental movement skills and basic sport skills. Thank you to The Commission for helping me achieve this goal.

Laurel Le Tocq, Little Champs

Helping more people to be more active more often is the goal of our Be Active workstream and it is so important that all children have opportunities to have fun and learn new active skills. The initial response to our partnership with Little Champs demonstrates how important this is to our community. We can't wait to see how the LC Superstars get on!

Alun Williams, The Commission's Be Active Lead.

Check out the Little Champs Website for more information about LC Superstars.

Pictured: Barney who is looking forward to taking part in LC Superstars and Little Champs' Founder Laurel Le Tocq