Better Transport Plan Response

We are supportive of the Better Transport Plan released today. One of our aims is to enable and encourage more people to be more active more often, because being regularly active brings many short and long-term benefits for our physical and mental health and of course is better for the environment. Planning and creating surroundings that make building walking, cycling, and wheeling into our daily journeys is one of the best ways to do this. 

The Better Transport Plan includes a range of changes designed to make walking and cycling easier, safer and more attractive.

 Elements of the plan that we especially like include:

 • Improved footpaths and safer crossing points making walking a more attractive option. 

• The proposed infrastructure improvements to create cycle paths and one-way roads with contraflows. 

· The idea of creating a mobility hub on the Bridge.

 Having safer infrastructure will make our work with schools, workplaces, families and the community easier, as safety and convenience are barriers to active travel that we often hear. We hope that the proposed changes will make active travel a viable option for more people to choose.